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Figure Skates

and Dance Blades

by Warren Glass

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Often Asked Questions


There are hundreds if not thousands of variables in the sharpening of a skate blade. My goal is for a perfect sharpening so that when you first step on the ice they feel perfect but without the "sharpening bite". (If you want the "sharpening bite" left, let me know). I do custom sharpening. I keep very accurate individual records of each person's skate sharpening and preferences. Always let me know how I did sharpening your skates. 

If you have your skates sharpened every 20 to 30 hours of skating you will never notice a difference between dull and sharp. They will always seem the same and you won't spend ice and coach time learning on a dull blade and then re-learning on a sharp blade.  Also, the blade will actually last longer if it is not allowed to reach a very dull condition.

I received my training from three of the nations best skate sharpeners over four years.  I have spent hours learning from the person that designed the sharpening machine why the machine was designed the way it was and the best ways to fix different blade problems.    As a skater I have been able to try out hundreds of ideas and suggestions given to me over the years and feel how they might affect ones skating.

Give me a try and let me see if I can help make your skate sharpening experience one you would like to remember.

Call or Email and make arrangements

 Phone: 415-559-6746 

 Sharpening Location: Novato, CA.

Special requests welcomed.

Normal sharpening: $35.00

Many damaged rockers can be repaired.


Call or Email for appointments. for sharpening while you wait and watch

Skates received on FedEx & UPS are usually completed and sent back out the same day received. CLICK HERE for additional information on shipping skates for sharpening or repair. (We prefer UPS as they deliver earlier and pickup later)

Mail:  Sharpening Solutions - P. O. Box 66, Novato, California 94948 (Don't send skates here)