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Skates must be shipped with the shipping PREPAID in both directions.  Include the prepaid shipping label inside the box with the skates.


FedEx air (not ground) and UPS are the best to use for shipping skates. 


Pack the skates with the blades away from the exterior sides of the shipping container.  Please have soakers on blades, not guards. Though they add weight, wrapping skates in a bath towel works quite well.  We will use the same box and packing materials to return the skates to you.


Please include the following information:


CUSTOM SKATE SHARPENING $35.00 (Plus shipping in both directions)



PLEASE ENCLOSE PAYMENT              Date: _____________

(Make checks payable to: “SOLUTIONS”)


Skaters Name: ____________________________________


Skaters Approximate Weight: ________


Parents or Guardian’s name if skater is under 18 years of age:



Mailing Address:  __________________________________


City, State & Zip Code:  _____________________________


Cell Phone Number: _______________________________


Email Address:  ___________________________________


Day Phone Number:  _______________________________


Evening Phone Number:  ___________________________


Skaters Skating Level:   _____________________________


Skater’s Coach:  __________________________________


Number of hours Skated per Week:  _______


How Sharp?  (Circle one)  Very Very Sharp -- Real Sharp -- Fairly Sharp -- Sorta Sharp -- Medium Sharp -- Not Too Sharp --  Not Very Sharp.


Any changes to the existing sharpening?


Special Instructions or requests: 


Unless you indicate otherwise, we will correct any errors from previous sharpening.


Ship Prepaid to:


Warren Glass

Sharpening Solutions

936 B Seventh St., #201

Novato, California 94945


Be sure to include prepaid return shipping label and also enclose a check $35.00 per pair of skates for the sharpening.


If you have any questions or to let us know skates are on their way, please send us an email:


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